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Frequently Asked Questions

About Duty Free
How to make a pre-order
What is MyDutyFree
Registration on the website
Discounts and promo
Picking up your order
Editing a Pre-order
Payment method
Cancellation of the pre-order
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About Duty Free

Duty-free is the system of retail outlets that are exempt from the payment of certain local or national taxes and duties, which allows reducing the price of represented goods.

How to make a pre-order

To make a pre-order you need to select items from any category. Mydutyfree.net offers the most popular products from the duty-free shops. On click on the “To shop” button you will be redirected to the Mumbai duty-free website. There you will be able to place an order for the chosen product.
You will receive an email letter with the information on your order and the link to confirm the relevance of the order. The employee of duty-free will contact you if there are any further questions.

What is MyDutyFree

MyDutyFree is the service for pre-ordering goods in "BELAMARKET Duty Free" store. Using the service, prior to departure, you can obtain relevant and comprehensive information, concerning the price and availability of the goods in "BELAMARKET Duty Free" store, as well as place a pre-order for the required goods at a discount of 7%.

Registration on the website

In order to place a pre-order, registration at mydutyfree.net and mumbaidutyfree.net is required. You can sign up on mydutyfree.net via your Facebook account.

Discounts and promo

Mumbai duty-free provides the following discounts:

  • Liquor – 10% Off
  • Confectionery – 10% Off
  • Beauty – 25% Off

You can also take advantage of different promos of the shop. The availability of the special prices and offers are displayed for each particular product on the product page.

Picking up your order

You can pick up your order and pay for it upon your arrival at Terminal 2, Second level, Arrivals Hall, the shop is placed after immigration control zone (please provide the photos of the shop and the cash desk).

Editing a Pre-order

You can decline certain goods in your order — just tell the cashier at the airport, which goods you don’t want to purchase. Unfortunately, you can’t add goods to the order in the shop. If you would like to add another product after finishing a preorder, just place another pre-order.

Payment method

Basic currency is Indian rupee. You can pay by any (EUR, USD) currency, however, conversion charges are applicable as per the bank policy.
We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro.

Cancellation of the pre-order

If you don’t pick up your preorder, after some time after your departure it would be canceled automatically.
You can also contact our support mail at support@mydutyfree.net.

Get in touch with us

You can contact our support mail at support@mydutyfree.net.

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