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Dalmore 12 years old 1L
Dalmore 12 years old 1L
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Dalmore 12 years is one of the most popular spirits of Dalmore distillery, which specializes in complex and balanced whiskey varieties. This whiskey is aged in oak barrels from under the American bourbon for 9 years. Its bouquet reveals hints of plum, chocolate and marzipan. It can be drunk as an aperitif as well as digestif, on its own or diluted with water. It is recommended to serve it with coffee, desserts and fruits. Dalmore distillery is located in the picturesque mountains of Scotland, on the north shore of the Gulf Firth of Cromarty, among the rich natural resources: deep clean Loch Mori and coastal soils of the Black Isle. Such ground location provides a rich and full-bodied taste of their drinks.


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